Advertising / Public Relations / Communication / Strategic Consulting, Restructuring, Management Advisory and P&P Development

We advise our partners on successful communication strategies, covering classic print advertising to social media, web presence as well as neuromarketing and creative digital business models.

What do we bring to the party:

As an agency with a B2B and B2C focus, we offer the full range of marketing and communication services. We are well established and highly connected, as individuals and as reputed company. Our competence, access to and in-depth experience in shared service communication opens doors and dramatically improves the success of our clients.

Our clients

We see our clients as the experts in their field and ourselves as sparring partner and coach. Quality, transparency, trust, flexibility, mobility and passion for people are the guiding principles of Relation Affairs.


Strategic Consulting and Communication

Concise and credible communication is essential for a strong corporate image. We communicate to define a positive image. An optimized communication structure leads to higher efficiency and bigger success.

Classical marketing strategies assume a rational customer.

However, purchasing decisions are typically made sub -consciously and are always emotional. It is emotions that give value and meaning to the world, emotions drive decisions. Brands, products and services that do not trigger emotions, simply don’t connect as the product has little value in itself. Value is a perception and great brands, with great marketing connect with customers on that basis.


Carefully maintained contacts open doors with ease.

In todays business environment, a strong network, good person to person communication and staying connected on all channels is of utmost importance.

Consistent networking is just as important as it is the driver in the digital world.

The more digital and impersonal the business environment becomes, the more we long for the emphatic, analogue person. Solid contacts are the key to many doors.

Strategic sales consulting

Focus on key target customer segments, structuring an efficient sales process and diligently managing opportunities will ultimately increase turnover and deliver profits.

A high-performance sales organization is certain to increase volume per deal as well as increase acquisition ration of new customers.

Consulting for acquisition / disposition, strategy and optimization in the hotel and restaurant industry.

We advise buyers, consult existing hotel operators and owners and consult businesses to optimize results and develop creative, fit for market and future-proof hotel and restaurant concepts.

We plan and drive the success of your business. Highly specialized in international hotel and restaurant business, our In-depth expertise and industry knowledge give your company the “competitive edge”.

Our team of consultants is globally active and connected.

Digital solutions

Our specialists create individual, user-centered designs and exciting interfaces for your digital project. We develop websites, web shops and web-based applications and support your business in digital marketing and data analytics.

From search engine optimization to advertising, newsletters, blogs and conceptualization of campaigns and content creation – we make it happen.

Corporate Design & Creation

We design creative, powerful and reckognizable corporate identities. From logo to visual language, coordinated colors and fonts to individual printed material, we drive and support the look and feel of your brand.